Monday, 6 February 2012

6th February

1986: In those days Ozzy Osbourne wasn't a comedy character manque and still had some menace about his persona, though the glittery robe seems to have undercut that on this occasion. Helpfully, the guitarist is dressed as a cartoon glam-metal guitarist might. Meanwhile Double are in the classic vocals/piano/clarinet/drums lineup, Kurt Maloo inventing the vertical guitar playing style in the meantime.

1992: When the Nineties revival kicks in, which judging by the current charts will be any day now, Adrian Rose's haircut will be its equivalent of the mullet. Having presumably found a sufficiently rock and roll airport to disembark at, Primal Scream get on with the business at hand. That is, observing at close quarters Bobby Gillespie's dancing style, which appears to only involve one side of his body.

1998: After what Bob did for us it'd be churlish not to link to an available Saint Etienne clip. This was their first appearance in nearly two and a half years, during which Sarah's boa had gone mouldy.

2004: Britney Spears, back when she was conscious that she was on television at the time, had a magical hold over audiences. Listen to their scream as she gets picked up. An actual round of applause for hiring two burly blokes! Michael Jackson launching the moonwalk never had such a reception.

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