Wednesday, 8 February 2012

8th February

1979: TOTP archive lore has it that Michael Jackson only appeared in the studio with Rockin' Robin, but in fact he performed Ben on a now wiped show and came over with his brothers on three occasions - Lookin' Through The Windows in 1972, Show You The Way To Go 1977 and Destiny. He really can't help himself by the end. Meanwhile the Shadows proved you can't keep a band down if they can capture the artistic zeitgeist often enough.

1990: There's something fascinating about largely forgotten boy bands, especially from this early on in the genre's core development. Yell! were created by industry A&R/management/publicist/writing vet Jeff Chegwin (and, yes, brother of Keith), produced by Stock Aitken & Waterman, featured a former Children's BBC presenter and had their only hit with a faithful cover of Dan Hartman's Instant Replay. Matching jackets and not singing most of their own chorus seems to be their 'thing'.

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