Friday, 3 February 2012

3rd February

1966: Oddly, and quite overliterally, recovered from a documentary about depression, a snippet of Rolling Stones.

1972: That's not actually Richard Beckinsale, it's Chicory Tip singer Peter Hewson and for all his overhead clapping efforts and that kerazy Moog sound they don't seem to have won people over quite yet.

1977: Imagine you knew nothing about Gary Glitter. Now watch that, his last hit for a while. Yeah, exactly. Also seeking a way out of glam caricature, The Rubettes went Eagles-country.

1983: Haysi Fantayzee had built up to a full band by the time of Shiny Shiny, though not with many people who played their instruments in conventional ways. Kate Garner's outfit tries to be at least three things at once. Oh for the fashion straightforwardness of an Indeep, with their elaborately layered party dress and a bloke at the back just being a DJ with no showy behaviour, because both song and times decreed that this activity was incredibly glamorous in and of itself. And here's a good compare and contrast exercise, the deadpan Terry Hall in Fun Boy Three mode - that's June Miles-Kingston of later Comment Te Dire Adieu? mini-fame on drums - rubbing up against Kajagoogoo, slap bass held right up the body, syn-drums, Limahl bouncing off the guitarist, all the classic integers of post-New Romantic 80s pop stylings. What expression is that Peel pulls as Jensen does the song intro?

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