Saturday, 4 February 2012

4th February

1982: After his errant one-off on 1/2/68, and assuming Maggie May doesn't count, John Peel next turned up on Pops on the 1981 Christmas show, of all things, to introduce the Human League and Altered Images, the latter of whom he introduced as "the biggest band of 1982". The host's predictive curse lived on well into the following decade. His first regular gig back came five weeks later, introducing both himself and then Theatre Of Hate, pretty much the polar opposite of easing a family audience into the show. Blonde quiff and semi-mohican. Good work, that man's barber. Peel's last Pops was indeed in 1996, by the way.

1988: You'd imagine Elton John would have been too grandiose for the show by this point, but give him a piano and a thematic backdrop and he won't even need to take his hat and coat off.

2000: Watch Jayne's little turn and pout at the start, every inch someone who knows the camera hasn't quite left her yet. Mint Royale both missing their cue, Lauren Laverne on vocals and a whole lot of washing up liquid in water.

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