Sunday, 5 February 2012

5th February

1970: Not many older surviving full shows than this, and just in its intro in the first clip we get an idea of the way they did things not long out of the decade of change and psychedelia - unknowable spinning images, some Pan's People hoofing, some flames and a 'talking' Tony Blackburn cutout that isn't as scary as the more famous Savile version but shares its unwillingness to adopt its subject's actual voice. Then there's a pictorial countdown in which Rolf Harris pulls double duty by standing in for Jonathan King and Vanity Fare look a whole decade out of place, then Tony himself in a rollneck - 27, he was then, just thought I'd mention it - before we get onto Shocking Blue having the time of their lives. Watch for Mariska Veres' I-can't-believe-I-get-away-with-this smile at the end of the first chorus. On the same show some classic Temptations, Tony getting the name of the film BJ Thomas' hit is from wrong, and then at the end this magnificent series of events. Firstly Peter Marinello, who'd just cost Arsenal a "fantastic fee" of £100,000 as he was supposed to be the new George Best but ended up failing, as he would when expressing comfort in the act of giving girls prizes. That lady's false eyelashes must have been hell to actually live with. Then Tony picks up an award from someone from the NME, who gets to give a speech too. Fair to assume nobody that age is let anywhere near the doors of King's Reach Tower now. Eventually Edison Lighthouse get to play their number one, much to the delight of a man whose yells are far louder and more exuberant than everyone else's. You could build a documentary just around the people dancing over the end music, not least the man in the tie inventing bodypopping.

1981: Here's a clash of cultures for the ages. Representing the United Kingdom, Fred Wedlock, like a successful Mike Harding. Representing Australia but also Italy (and America actually, he was born in Ohio), Joe Dolce Music Theatre. Imagine turning up for rehearsals and finding you'd been put on blackboard pointer duty.

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