Wednesday, 15 February 2012

15th February

1968: Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich have become a punchline in 60s pop debate, largely because of the improbably clumsy name, but some of their run of hits are decidedly peculiar - Bend It, Zabadak and this one, The Legend Of Xanadu, incorporating a Spanish guitar riff, a half-inched western theme and the necessity for Dee to 'play' a whip while in full regency gear including gloves, ruffled cuffs and cummerbund. When the bassist Dozy appears just after the two minute mark it may well be game over for logic. Meanwhile, for the first of many, many times, The Stattus Status Quo.

1979: Don't look too hard at your calendars, there appears to have been a one-off day change this week for some reason. Lene Lovich introduced the nation to her singular self, her huge pigtails and her school issue tambourine. The director clearly hadn't heard the song in advance. You'll see what I mean. Meanwhile the Skids' perpetually moving Richard Jobson had recently mugged a Rubette. You think 1976-77 audiences are bad? Look how completely immoveable these are.

1996: Nothing, surely, says 1996 culture more without involving Spice Girls than Justine Frischmann introducing Ocean Colour Scene. For the occasion Steve Cradock has donned his medals, won in the field for valour in the face of the arse-end of baggy. Why do the audience scream at the first line? As for Supergrass, the horn section seem to be enjoying themselves.

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