Monday, 20 February 2012

20th February

1986: For Public Image Ltd's brief return to the forefront Lydon's really gathered the clans in - a 1940s BBC radio mike for him to occasionally stand a bit near, a superfluous violinist, Don Letts vaguely on keyboard, two drummers (one being Hugo Burnham from Gang Of Four) and a GI hat. Janice seems pleased, and rightly so.

1998: You know when a song is a surprise hit and the band have to find a way of getting it across on telly? Beat group revivalists Lilys got on a Levis advert and chose to perform live despite singer Kurt Heasley's voice sounding like it's on the verge of giving in. Big finish, though. Their Wiki claims this was "the first fully live performance on Top of The Pops since Aerosmith in 1978", which sounds like bollocks well before you learn Aerosmith didn't appear on TOTP until 1993.

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