Friday, 10 August 2012

10th August

1978: When TOTP found out there was a single called Top Of The Pops being released... well, they couldn't have done anything else. Bring in The Rezillos, Fay Fife on space-loon top form. More professionally, Hi-Tension's adding to the dance of the world store British Hustle. Presumably all of those people do something. Less professionally, Jilted John. Fine work from Graham Fellowes as adolescent punk, arguably finer from Bernard Kelly as interpretative Gordon. Obviously Legs & Co are lesser movers but they turned up regardless, chiefly Gill, to interpret, awkwardly, Bob Dylan.

1989: Like arena hair metallers without the arena, Dogs D'Amour were surely let down by the bassist's non-uniform choice of hat. Liza Minelli may look a little awkward but her mid-song sashaying is second to none.

1994: Brand New Heavies refer to an oasis, so the set designers give them two big trees. Don't think they quite understood.

1995: With no costumed saxophonists or anyone to play off, apart from a trombonist keeping a respectful distance, Suggs tries manfully, trapped in his square of footlights, but runs out of textbook stances early on.

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