Sunday, 5 August 2012

5th August

1976: The first mention of punk in 1976, and of all bands it's from Slik. It's 'punk' in the Jimmy Cagney sense, but whatever. Midge is neat with a flick-comb. Having seen David Dundas bring Hot Gossip with him last time Ruby Flipper waste no time in restating their pre-eminent position, though TOTP would do otherwise for them before long. Also back for lively seconds, the pimp fashions and overpercussioned Johnny Wakelin. Watch the bassist's hat get tangled in his lustrous hair during the weird guitar solo. In comparison Twiggy in her trouser suit seems lost among the keys.

1982: Given their established record of making something out of nothing, Madness doing a song about a car could only have led to the deployment of a mass number of props. The real star placing, though, goes to the bloke in the braces at the back at 1:11. You'll see him. Junior and his bottle glasses gets the Zoo display team at full capacity, something Kid Creole & The Coconuts see off with some very reflective dresses, some frightening makeup and a big megaphone.

1993: Should Mark Franklin be promoting gambling on a BBC family show? He lost the bet, by the way. Michelle Gayle's stage decoration is surely far too elaborate. Talk about trust - not only UB40 by satellite, but they then get Ali Campbell to introduce their former studio engineer Bitty McLean, with about as much comfort as you'd imagine.

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