Friday, 24 August 2012

24th August

1972: Not so long since Bowie and Cooper's all time classic Pops appearances, here's another one that reverberates down the ages - it's certainly difficult to think of one that's lent itself to as many affectionate spoofs (and yes, Jimmy was presenting that week). Imagine if you'd never heard or seen Roxy Music before this. Glam invented on the spot, some say - though one feels bassist Rik Kenton isn't pulling his costume weight - in front of awkwardly dancing youths and with Eno in his gloved finery at the other end from a camp Ferry. Jools Holland was in the offscreen audience, apparently.

1978: Blondie is a band, they kept telling us. Maybe, but it's only Debbie in the spotlight. That camera shot will never work without flash in a darkened studio. While The Jam - you can tell Kid likes this one, he bellows the title from a standing start - get the big stage, given a corner of the set with minimal bright lighting The Motors look like they're playing a pub circuit venue rather than a TV showcase. It's something that suits Jilted John better, though. Thanks for your concern, Kid. And because you can't get too much of a good thing, after Kid's curiously self-censored intro look who's gazing on bashfully and risking the odd movement in the background of Legs & Co's Boney M dance in the round.

1995: Bjork, given a typically Jarvis Cocker intro, tries to interpret one of her multi-layered epics on her own and eventually plumps for helicopter arms followed by indie disco slouch-strutting. Michelle Gayle did a disco song, so cue the dancers in Afro wigs. It's all we knew in the mid-90s. This was the week after the famous Battle Of Britpop, from which Blur emerged triumphant, and later emerged in a milk float. Look at the back for how little Graham wants to have any part in this. Once Damon's stopped trying to steal Jarvis' coat off his back the victory lap sees Alex offer some sop to the vanquished. Supposedly Cocker's "Blur are... top of the pops!" intro impressed Chris Cowey so much he asked all future hosts to link to the number one in the same way.

2001: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, a massive flower on her shoulder, finds her guitarist attempting to upstage her. Eve and Gwen Stefani indulge in some ass waggling and bra flaunting respectively.

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