Saturday, 11 August 2012

11th August

1977: Seeing punk coming, Eddie & The Hot Rods briefly relaunched themselves as The Rods, Barrie Masters occasionally remembering to rhyme between the gurns and crotch grabs. He's not quite as bad at miming as the leader of the JALN Band, who by the end can't work out which is the lead vocal line and which the backing..

1983: David Grant finds his own way of making it to the stage but the trouble comes when in an enclosed space he fancies himself as a mover. When you get that level of appreciation for a bandy legged lifting routine it's no wonder he fancied more. Were Level 42 told there'd be a girl dancing at the front of their stage? Mark's looks suggest not. She wouldn't have gone near The Creatures, which is why the Dragnet spy-themed wing of Zoo keep their distance. Depeche Mode's Martin Gore, having not come up with a way to counteract Alan Wilder's sudden clarinet skill, takes not bothering with costume to a logical end.

1988: As you'll see from the intro to the peppy Tanita Tikaram, in the midst of their nationally famous (they were slower days) double act, Liz Kershaw made her one and only TOTP appearance alongside Bruno Brookes. Was it the hesitancy or the hat that made sure she was never invited back? Brother Beyond were a band but the director doesn't appear to have noticed anyone other than the screamworthy Nathan Moore. After the previous week's indignity All About Eve were invited back for another go and it all went disappointingly well.

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