Wednesday, 1 August 2012

1st August

1985: Five Star never missed a colour coding trick. Epatulettes and everything. In a jacket several sizes too big for him The Cure's Robert Smith takes his usual flexible approach to mimed performance.

1991: You kind of think Right Said Fred's prime-time debut (apart from Sky Star Search, of course) might have been a bit more eye-opening than this. Top work at the back, though. Something tells me Tracey Belland of Voice Of The Beehive isn't really playing that guitar. It has the name 'MORRISSEY' across the back, so presumably someone called Morrissey would want their property back once they'd finished with that tambourine. Deacon Blue meanwhile fill the stage with bonhomie.

1997: Debut host Mary Ann Hobbs is a keen biker so the intro wrote itself - that said, there's definitely a cut between the bike stopping and the helmet removal... After that blazing start Boyzone carefully line up their suits according to the national mood. Ronan has an in-ear monitor for some reason. One unnecessity step on from the unneccessary headset mike, surely. It's Morrissey again, this time as if his right arm has a mind of its own.

2003: Combat trousers, flat cap, bikini top. Yeah, that's Beyonce's gear sorted for the northern army town night out. Now, Alison Goldfrapp - she knows her millinery, and she can carry off a neat theremin solo too.

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