Saturday, 18 August 2012

18th August

1977: The Dooleys woman on left of screen will catch her death going out like that, while Jim in the middle is ready for the cabaret circuit already. Elkie Brooks and band come straight from the garage.

1983: DLT, making a very awkward combination in his Man From Del Monte suit against Gary's tie-dye, is keen on The Kinks' return, Ray in his smartest stockbroker suit and moving his mouth in what seems a very odd and unnatural way. How out of place they seem. Kim Wilde, dressed as a secretary, uses the multi-stage setup pioneered by Adam Ant and soon mastered by Cyndi Lauper. Once across the other side she finds the guitar solo being played a bassist dressed for Rambo. Very quiet clip of Tracie, this, but no impairment to seeing how many balloons the audience can chuck at her. Not online as far as I can tell but also on this show, 'Kraftwerk – Tour De France (Hula Hoop dancer)'. What must that have been like?

1988: Chris Rea, with golf commentator Peter Alliss on bass (possibly), finds a whole new approach to miming a guitar solo.

1994: "Oasis - not a palm tree in sight". Now there's a joke you couldn't get away with in polite society for too much longer. It may be "a very strong message", Bruno, but that's not going to stop the audience apparently silently applauding Noel's solo. Sophie B Hawkins doesn't need a band, just a huge screen. Youssou N'Dour and Neneh Cherry are via satellite on what seems to be a couple of discarded theatre backdrops someone forgot to clear out.

2000: Melanie C expresses the joyous freedom of Ibiza dance by jumping about a bit and adopting Clare Balding's haircut.

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