Saturday, 25 August 2012

25th August

1977: The whole of the 700th show, not that Noel mentions that at any stage. There's a lot of camera interaction this week what with Barrie Masters of (Eddie And) The (Hot) Rods and a debuting Bob Gelof; there's also Legs & Co literally saluting the week and a bit deceased Elvis, Phil Lynott sporting an artful black eye, the Adverts and a million badges (note how reluctant the director is to pick out Gaye Advert) and Page Three, three actual Page 3 girls, one who can sing but not really in this style and two who can't do that or dance.

1983: Last time we saw David Grant doing this he started halfway up some scaffolding. This time he, his string vest and his council road works tape headband are on stage throughout but those three people on the raised part behind him think they're adding to Grant's Jackson ambitions with their left foot first jigging is unknown. Having put UB40 on too small a stage last time the show makes up by, er, putting them on an even smaller stage, one hemmed in by overelaborate tubing on three sides. No need to bring those bongos, surely. At what point did Shalamar's Jody Watley realise she was doing all the work? Maybe they thought Jeffrey had given them enough respect in the bank. Level 42's Mark King seems lively, The Style Council's Paul Weller artfully restrained.

1988: Jane Wiedlin's signals are all over the place in her half length shorts and tube top augmented with glittery hat. Also, she really can't dance, though you could blame the weight of the guitar.

1994: Malcolm McLaren hosted this week, in the midst of his Paris concept album phase, which meant doing links in French surrounded by a bevy of appropriate lovelies and filmic effects to the performances. Has to be said it's something that suits a returning and classied up Kylie Minogue more than it ever would Shampoo, though their personalised amps are a neat touch. The lightning effect, less so.

2000: Now, all those people clearly didn't play on Spiller's record, did he? And if they did, what's he doing?

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