Friday, 31 August 2012

31st August

1978: Some top synchronised tambourine action from The Dooleys, one of them bravely recovering from having been attacked by a swan immediately before recording started. Someone is waving their deely-boppers in the air like a flag, which isn't quite the intention. "Something different", I suppose if you've never heard any punk/new wave/whatever before, from a painted up Klark Kent, his masked friends and his new bridge voiceover, all concerned maybe having blanched at "you can suck my socks". A mystery man at the time, Kent was Stewart Copeland, beating his own band the Police to Pops and charts alike. Sting and Andy presumably didn't hold it against him as they're backing him here, along with their tour manager and the drummer from Copeland's previous band Curved Air.

1989: Those dastardly northern clubs, thinks Gary Davies. Damian resembles not so much a glamorous club MC as a first run at a demonic Bombalurina.

1995: Echobelly go back to school. Obviously, only Sonya Aurora-Madan is allowed to forego the basic rules of jackets on at all times and shirts tucked in.

2001: Lights, flowers and geometrically improbable soloing about sums Muse up. Imagine their reaction when they discovered the drumkit destruction happened off-camera. Drum and bass made an injunction with Kosheen, Sian Evans marking the event by donning her goth wardrobe for the summer.

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