Saturday, 1 September 2012

1st September

1977: Hudson-Ford, two former Strawbs, go disco-funk, one of them seemingly turning into Jeff Lynne in the interim. Demonstrating another way forward, a debuting Elvis Costello, full of sneer towards advancing cameras.

1983: There's a couple enjoying themselves and, to an extent, each other behind Modern Romance, while two other members of Zoo don macs and dance amid people who, frankly, don't care, about the band, them, the cameras watching them having their chats, anything. Even Michael J Mullins can't be bothered to stand up for it. Everyone seems to be more animated by the Stray Cats, whose Brian Setzer rocks that most outlaw of rockabilly outfits, mustard coloured trousers. John Peel in fancy dress gives away that that is a Rhythm Pals show, and it's unfortunate there's not more links around. Gary Numan is in fancy dress too, if fancy dress shops had 'post-apocalyptic biker' sections.

1988: The first show to be simulcast on Radio 1, a practice that lasted through to the end of August 1991. Accordingly the show doesn't feature a lot of visual pizzazz, and that includes the Cecil half of Womack & Womack's psychedelic Frank Spencer gear. Connisseurs of bad miming will find much to admire, especially the bit at 1:40. I know it's not an audio medium but, A-Ha, you've been given a mike each for a reason, and, Bomb The Bass's DJ, you could at least make it look like those records are playing at 2:27.

1994: Phil Daniels, through the offices of Blur, gets on TOTP, but it's Alex who seems to be most pleased to be there, while even Graham's playing to camera for possibly the first and last time at 1:53. Meanwhile are the BBC graphic designers really proud of that set? Fourteen weeks up for Wet Wet Wet and they've scarpered to LA and some highly realistic Greek ruins.

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Colm said...

There's a subtle-bordering-on-subliminal piece of graffiti on the corrugated iron sheet directly behind Dave Rowntree - "TOTP II COMING SOON". Now that's good promotion.