Tuesday, 25 September 2012

25th September

1980: Your hosts this week, the glorious combination of Mike Read and Russ Abbot, who surely even in his most stereotypical of sketches never quite came up with quite as big a Mexican hat as the singer with Black Slate has managed. Flick meanwhile pointed her charges at Queen, and with the visual effects and tellingly cut lace outfits it's one of their best attempts at resembling Hot Gossip yet.

1986: While clearly the show had expected more, only half of Amazulu seem to have turned up and at least one, the saxophonist, doesn't seem to be entirely across the song.

1998: Some combinations of expectant pop audience and performer never really gel. Watch for PJ Harvey's wry smile when her first line gets cheered, in between what seems to be shots from underneath of a stylophone.

2005: Damien Jr Gong Marley never goes anywhere without his personal flag waver. Makes a change from the usual hypeman. Robbie Williams takes that role on for himself, of course.

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