Wednesday, 26 September 2012

26th September

1985: Depeche Mode are fooling nobody with those huge bits of percussion but Martin studies them with a professional percussionist's precision, while wearing a countess' collection of strings of pearls. Jennifer Rush at first seems to be recreating the Bowie Heroes video but once the backlighting is turned off it merely transpires she's a big haired belter in a variety of synthetic materials. Speaking of which, Bonnie Tyler has on her crowded stage a lost soul diva on backing vocals and a lost member of Black Lace on keyboards.

1991: Don't know who any of PJB Featuring Hannah And Her Sisters are/were, but they're proof you can't just throw dry ice at a problem and hope that gets you through. One more go at making rave music-making a televisual spectacle with Bizarre Inc - three levels of keyboards, a man in a hat, a gyrating girl in cycling shorts, lots of air punching.

1997: By now Graham can't even bring himself to look at us or the rest of Blur.

2003: Jamelia clearly does not need that many backing singers, especially with a crowd so pumped up already they're cheering at irregular intervals for no good reason and absolutely roar when she puts her arm behind her head. Maybe that's what her legs do to people. The description for this Louise clip refers to her launching "a raunchier image with short skirt and thigh high boots", because as you may recall she was the model of chasteness for many years before. The more interesting facet is her dancers, who are definitely throwing themselves into it a little too hard. Another random cheer. With Westlife they usually hardly ever stop but with a few non-number ones figuratively and even with a big gospel choir literally behind them they can't even get everyone to clap along with them.

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Steve Williams said...

That 1991 episode was of course the last of the old style Pops with the DJs and TV Centre and miming and that, and most importantly to me, the last of those demented graphics, though they certainly went out in style with that PJB bridge.

Of course The Power of Love was a hit thanks to Des O'Connor because he heard it and thought it was brilliant so invited her on Des O'Connor Tonight, only to find she was going to sing her new single because The Power of Love had flopped, and he demanded she sing that instead.