Thursday, 13 September 2012

13th September

1984: Bruno Brookes' debut, and he immediately suffers from a surfeit of DLT business. Once that's over, with audible relief, OMD have given Andy full licence to do that thing he called dancing, but it's the chap front row wearing a cardboard helmet who attracts greater curiosity attention. Bruno gets to assert his music fan credentials, much to the lack of interest from those around him, in introducing Aztec Camera, but again it's someone else taking the attention with their gear, namely the Zoo dancer with what looks like a TOTP/Blake's 7 crossover top. What Depeche Mode are wearing isn't immediately obvious due to all the strobe lighting and the massive bongo, but eventually we see Dave Gahan modelling a nice crop top.

1990: Did Londonbeat really need a gong? Even though he wasn't an official member the drummer's still more fascinating for his playing style and his flip-top shades. No such outlet for Bass-O-Matic, who've brought a pad kit which makes it look like they're playing a synth with drumsticks.

2002: The 2000th TOTP, and apparently at some point it had been decided only Status Quo had the necessary expertise to open a special show - this also ended the 25th anniversary show - they also on the occasion of their six quadrillionth studio appearance or whatever they were claiming it was. "Everybody sing it!" says Francis and leaves Rick to do all the singing, perhaps to make up for how bad his own voice is. Contemporary rock'n'roll thrills, feedback, distortion and inaccuracy inclusive, from the White Stripes.

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