Wednesday, 19 September 2012

19th September

1985: Peter Powell shows off his Red Box knowledge, before Red Box show off how many drummers they know. Remember, no sunglasses indoors once the beat starts. Midge Ure is not a tall man, but that's the longest coat surely ever to appear on the show this side of Jason Donovan's Joseph tenure.

1991: U-U-U-Utah Saints seem to be making some pretension to playing live rather than have people dancing round equipment. Then the 'singer' has to go and ruin it with his face pulling.

1997: Indie Kylie Minogue is more fondly remembered than bought at the time, but that one bloke at the back seems cockahoop. Not many bands took artistic leads from market stalls, but The Sundays ended up with the full Carmen Miranda behind them. Perhaps traumatised by being seen by their biggest audience in front of it, they've not been seen since. Mark Morrison's backdrop, like pretty much everything he recorded after a point, was entirely about himself, as he continued to try and find the moral high ground in sending an impersonator to do his community service.

2003: 'CRISIS' it says on Pink's hat in a font last seen on Mark Morrison's backdrop, and wardrobe crisis it is, in a dress only Lily Allen would ever consider worth a go in future. Maybe it's to distract attention from the bassist's bucket hat and golfing trousers. Lisa Scott-Lee sits back and lets everyone else do the work for most of the time, perhaps realising there's moments when you really can't tell which one she is. Who'd have thought Black Eyed Peas would rule the next few years from a starting position involving lurid orange trousers. Now, were I them I'd have brought on the street dancer far earlier, ie not when the credits are rolling and closing voiceover starting.

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