Saturday, 8 September 2012

8th September

1983: The dancers at the back are starting to encroach on Heaven 17's turf before long, but Glenn Gregory's hair, on loan from Billy Idol, sends them back. Bad dance covers weren't just an early 90s and mid 00s thing, Annabel Lamb giving the Doors unwarranted amounts of jazz-funk Rhodes piano and classic rock guitar solo. Paul Young has the mike stand in both hands like a Costcutter Mercury, but it's the frenzied arm movements and mild thrusting of the Fabulously Wealthy Tarts that stands out here before one of them really lets rip a solo that ends with some extraordinary faces and posture. A large close-up of her head appears over her actual head at one point, like a portent of a parallel universe Frank Sidebottom.

1988: Marc Almond and his flat-top chases down the camera.

1994: Uncomfortableness in action here, as Blondie's Atomic had become a hit off the back of an unwarranted modern dance remix for an advert and only Debbie was available to promote it. She's trying, but she's also drowning in that feather boa. Picking up the femme fatale baton that was once hers, Kylie Minogue briefly lets the soloing violinist have the spotlight, and if I was him I'd have picked a less dog coat-resembling coat. Somewhere between those two points, Cyndi Lauper was also retreading past glories in an alarming ensemble. Charismatic, though, and you can easily get that sort of thing wrong.

2000: Case in point, Lolly. Jamie doesn't seem keen, does he? The sometime Anna Kumble (and reputedly it was nearly Rachel Stevens, which would have put a radically different slant on the act) was a strange idea for a pop concoction, initially one for the pre-teens and here... who knows. That T-shirt's not helping matters either.

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