Friday, 14 September 2012

14th September

1972: T-Rex in their pomp. Marc Bolan, mystical pixie of pop, and occasional dipper into the slightly damaged section of the charity shop clothing bin. That can be the only reason for that top.

1978: Jilted John again! The act evidently never gets old. If anyone can work out what's on the textual badge, do tell. How far that seems from Motorhead's restrained gargling sump oil run through Louie Louie. Legs & Co being given a song by Exile that alludes to kissing sorts out the backdrop and close-ups, but it does seem a little like the black catsuits only came in when the glittery dresses were deemed the wrong shape.

1989: "Sydney Youngblood, yes!" Sydney can't quite decide how much to commit himself to the dancing but he really doesn't have to try, the little mike bump at 2:26 sending the girls wild by itself.

1995: Robbie Williams presenting with the restraint, tact and evenness you'd expect, especially as he'd only left Take That in dudgeon a few weeks earlier. Capella seem overmanned with dancers, via satellite Mariah Carey has all the space she needs as long as she keeps in front of an enormous IMAX screen and Simply Red's Mick Hucknall's style hubris reaches new boundaries. Leather *and* dreadlocks. All bases covered.

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