Sunday, 16 September 2012

16th September

1982: The best bit of Mari Wilson's performance is at 0:29 when host Simon Bates for some reason runs across the edge of the stage on camera, highly visible in his crimson jacket, apologising to someone as he goes. Imagine the training that went into being a Wilsation and having to remain both in choreographed order and entirely straight faced. Electropop contenders Talk Talk, one of the rare bands who became bigger the less obvious their music became, attempt to hide behind shaded lighting and dry ice. Anything straight on and they're virtually performing in silhouette.

1993: Stand aside, Motorhead coming through. Cameras everywhere, the odd explosion, what appears to be a lyrical change to "I don't want to live in Elstree". Oddly, the same visual effects weren't employed for a debuting Radiohead, though Johnny does nearly forget the lead into the second chorus. Hard to remember that Thom used to wear that haircut deliberately.

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