Sunday, 30 September 2012

30th September

1971: From TOTP2, so stand by for the world's worst John Peel impression. In what seems to be a distinctly audience-free recording appear Rod Stewart in a Nik Kershaw-anticipating snood, the Faces and auxiliary mandolinist, apparently Noel Gallagher's favourite TOTP performance. "I particularly remember it because Rod was wearing yellow tartan trousers" he says. Note Rod's all-red suit and refrain from comment. The story goes that neither Peel nor the football interlude were planned, the band, heavily into their cups, found the ball and were having a pickup game in the corridors against Slade when Peel passed. Ronnie Wood and Ronnie Lane making a run for it before being spotted

1976: Do you want to know where DLT has dipped his banana? No, didn't think so. In his shiny jacket and unitard Sherbet's singer has come as a resting contemporary wrestler. The fruit/herb routine is explained by DLT before Randy Edelman, "sure to be number one in a few short weeks" - Smithers, have Randy Newman killed - and given a less than subtle punchline before Demis Roussos. The uploader hasn't kept in the moment where on the cut back DLT is wearing a similar kaftan and actually does invite Demis to tuck in.

1982: "For a laugh, we told the producer to put a picture of Jocky Wilson up behind us. He said, "But Kevin, people will think we made a mistake." I told him only an idiot would think that. The morning after, the DJ Mike Read said: "Bloody Top of the Pops. How could they mix up one of the great soul singers with a Scottish darts player?"" Dexys Midnight Runners' Kevin Rowland confessing a decade ago about what even TOTP2's caption writer thinks was a cock-up, not that anyone listened as several Jocky obituaries had to be corrected. As you'll glean from the intro, the other big graphic at the back and the Blackburn/Peel double act being inaugurated and coming to an immediate climax, this show also marked Radio 1's fifteenth birthday, which the show marked by inviting a number of personnel onto the show to... well... put Adam Ant on and see what happened. Difficult to know where to start with this, though worth mentioning how in the intro Jimmy points to "some of my colleagues" across the studio, followed by a cut to the other stage on which Jimmy is standing front and centre, and also Juste and Peel staying well clear at 1:45. This, as well as a Mari Wilson intro, was the only ever TOTP appearance of both Annie Nightingale and Alexis Korner (though of course the latter's work with CCS was heard often enough) I can't imagine they were proud proud.

1993: With Nicky Wire on honeymoon, Manic Street Preachers made a surprise choice of replacement.


Steve Williams said...

I love Peel in that dance routine, each jock getting their own dolly bird and at the end you can see the pair in intense conversation. Also of note is the least flattering moment to freeze the picture of Paul Gamabaccini, Mike Read clearly taking it seriously, Tommy Vance's flailing limbs, Adrian John really trying to build his part and the raw sexuality of Any Peebles.

Steve Williams said...

Er, ANDY Peebles, of course, Alexis Korner looking a bit like Kramer off Seinfeld, and at the very end, Simon Bates looks like he's putting out a small fire.