Wednesday, 12 September 2012

12th September

1985: A show preserved in two thirds whole, though you're not missing anything of real worth. Part one has a really awkward intro, Amii Stewart, Huey Lewis and the News in BBC music's eighties summer bolt-hole Montreaux and Maria Vidal in purple gloves; part two, alongside the Breakers, has an infamous Marillion performance where Fish, having lost his voice, projected through cue cards. But wouldn't he have been miming anyway? Consistency, folks!

1997: They tried Mark Lamarr as a regular host for a while. It was quite jarring. Cast are so acoustically catatonic even the girls clapping along at the front are breaking off for conversations. Maybe a kaftan like Finley Quaye's would have helped.

2003: If Edith Bowman sounds unconvincing introducing Iron Maiden in front of their own people, be thankful it wasn't Fearne. There's a massive roar at 1:28, which if you look closely between the quick cuts seems to be one of the guitarists attempting to go into the audience and being pushed back.

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