Sunday, 9 September 2012

9th September

1976: Some have made the case that Eddie & The Hotrods were the real first punk band on Pops, and they'd played with the nascent Sex Pistols earlier in the year, but they're merely heavily amped up rock'n'roll revivalists, bandwagon hoppers in future, with a bassist giving a shout to the influential US fanzine on his T-shirt. Someone who isn't a contender for any of the above, The Wurzels. Jimmy and his sailors introduce a band who've abandoned the banjo and sousaphone of yore in favour of waving sticks. I'm scared of the one on the left.

1982: Sophistication. You've either got it or you haven't. Despite her choice of colours Evelyn King had. Natasha... less so, and largely the clothes in her case, not to mention the make-up seeming to age her by years. A bloke in a brown suit at the back is going slightly spare for Gillan, shrouded in half-darkness in case easily scared children catch sight of the guitarist. With little help from Peter Powell, Zoo's task for the week is to play second fiddle to Wonder Dog, some in costume. Interesting background here - it was originally made by pioneering German synth designer Harry Thumann and was picked up by a small indie label, E&S Records, as a novelty. So keen were the label to try and get some success with it that one of its two founders volunteered to go on television in a Wonder Dog costume (no idea whether that's him or a short straw drawing member of Zoo in the performance). Sadly that A&R's career never recovered from such foolhardiness and his whereabouts since are unknown.

1993: With far more space than the BBC would ever allow them, James play things for all they're worth with the aid of someone who for all we know they might have bumped into next door who had four minutes spare. New Order live in the studio! Run for it! Not really, with ten years' experience they learnt how not to make an arse of it for once.

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