Friday, 21 September 2012

21st September

1978: We all know the jibes about who Brotherhood Of Man took after, but this style isn't really diffusing the situation, leopard print or not. Lee Sheriden seems a lot less keen on the moves than his colleagues. Or maybe he could see how that sort of thing looked against Buzzcocks and The Jam, the latter despite Paul's not so mod choice of jacket colour. Or maybe Sheriden was still annoyed after Graham Gouldman of 10cc borrowed his Afro comb and spare stage clothes. Meanwhile Floyd was busy stealing Legs & Co's thunder for their Sylvester interpretation, and after all the co-ordination effort with the clothes too. The girls' clothes, that is, Floyd seems to have been asked to bring along anything glittery he owns.

1989: The Wonder Stuff provoke an existential fashion question - Miles Hunt's hat or Rob 'The Bass Thing' Jones' hair?

1995: The latter two thirds of this one are online, part one/two featuring Smokie looking progressively less sure about the whole Chubby Brown thing, imperial phase Pulp, Mariah Carey on a soundstage on casual Friday and Erasure classing up the joint - the edit cuts this in half, so here's the whole thing. That piano needs tuning. Part two/three opens with Iron Maiden for the first time in 15 years led by new boy Blaze Bayley - Bruce Dickinson only ventured into Pops on his return - and note that while the strobe lighting and audience air punching remains the same Simon Mayo's intro is not how, say, Fearne would introduce them a decade later. Following them, Shaggy and appropriate grinders.

2001: What does Dido need a DJ for? Or a bongo player, though she's putting her all into it. The second highest rated comment on that clip, incidentally, is "one of my favourite songs. glad i can listen to it again despite living in an English surveylance society". Yes, signs of the infamous government thought police clampdown on broadcasting MOR pop singers remain all around.

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