Friday, 7 September 2012

7th September

1978: Not much today, but what a collection. Hist! It's Arthur Mullard and Hylda Baker! From an album entitled Band On The Trot, two now long forgotten sitcom stars aim for novelty comedy and, well, miss. Unfortunately Baker was suffering from Alzheimer's, which puts a different slant on their general confusion and Mullard barely worked again.

1995: Jo Brand and Mark Lamarr hosted, so as if attempting to find their polar opposite, step forward Smokie featuring Roy Chubby Brown. Their thoughts are demonstrated right at the start. This was a cover of a cover, Dutch studio outfit Gompie having had a continental hit with the same reversioning earlier in the year.

2001: Difficult to find a non-smark link between those two and Louise, but here fate brings the pairs together with Mrs Redknapp's red beret. Why is her drummer wearing headphones? What click track is he working to?

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