Wednesday, 22 August 2012

22nd August

1985: After the mess the orchestra made of Wuthering Heights Kate Bush filmed a bit of a dance to Wow and then, aided by her lack of live activity, didn't come back to TOTP for seven years until an elaborate game of What's The Time Mr Wolf? presented itself. They were going to run out of stage sooner or later. A rather less storied and iconic performer, once people have stopped attacking Steve Wright with pom-poms "my favourite" (oh, Steve) Baltimora seems not to have noticed the gorilla on stage with him, though he makes sure to notice one of television's less convincing jungle girls. That big stage plus small amount of people and no dry ice machine because there's sensitive dancing people about conundrum strikes Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. The two dancers swapping places for a bit isn't enough to cover it.

1991: Jason Donovan's shirt is too glittery by half.

1997: The power of a simple catchy hit - Chumbawamba had only been in the charts for a week and already the audience is singing along to the chorus at a similar volume to the crowd. Look and learn, OTT, with your Air Supply cover and your insistence people sit down to appreciate your all standing at the back of the tiny stage and doing little arm movement routines.

2003: It seems for a while that Rachel Stevens' first solo routine is going to involve her standing stock still while other people do the heavy dance lifting around her, then they decide to tie her up instead. How many practice room accidents do you think occurred from that bit where two dancers seem to tie ribbons round her throat and pull? No sooner has Fearne called Richard X "enigmatic" then it becomes apparent Kelis hasn't turned up and with nothing to cover the vocal, not even video, he has to half-heartedly mime along while people on roller skates cover the visual aspect.

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