Monday, 6 August 2012

6th August

1970: More of Pan's People just out of the womb, Stevie Wonder given an inappropriate park/farmland backdrop.

1981: They very rarely slept when Tenpole Tudor were about. After a very odd start where the floor seems to be miked up above the playback level, Ed Tudor-Pole settles back into his usual laid back demeanour. See how he gently and carefully picks up the proffered violin, then once finished with chucks it across the stage. From Eddie prancing to Phil talking, The Human League perhaps one of the last bands whose frontman you'd imagine would go the expensive jacket over bare chest route. After some typically cryptic spiel from Jimmy about Cheggers, Legs & Co have Lobo, no stage but a green screened studio and some appropriate props.

1987: "Not only singing live but also playing live, it's New Order!" enthuses Gary Davies and a nation heads for the hills. They never could program that drum machine when in a TV studio. Sinitta's cap doesn't have much of a head part, not that she'd care once she'd found a dress short enough to show off her stocking tops. Meanwhile Spagna merely ransacked the Space 1999 wardrobe.

2004: Post-Avril everyone wanted to make out they were a rock chick, even Jennifer Ellison. Actual rock chicks swivelled their eyes endlessly. Although both Tim Kash and Reggie Yates try to avoid actually naming them, Embrace clearly impress the audience enough to start mass arm waving going right from the off.

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