Friday, 3 August 2012

3rd August

1978: How to simulate rain on a budget for Darts? Simple, direct a fan towards a shower curtain and film for projection. Meanwhile Den attempts to recreate loss of signal. The Real Thing also had a song which referenced rain in the title as a metaphor for lost love but no such frippery for them, even the clothing clash more toned down than usual. Jimmy Pursey of Sham 69 was hiding himself behind the drumkit while The Lurkers' guitarist kept the flame alive for leather jacket over bare chest.

1989: Even if Gun weren't providing a workshop in rock posing that clip would be worth it for the appalling quality of Jenny Powell's intro. Yes, Jenny, they're called Gun. It's in your script. One would hope she didn't have the same hesitation over Paul McCartney - Hohner violin bass, Linda on tambourine, the works. Less timeless subtlety about Transvision Vamp, Wendy James someone who believes you're never dressed without a great big crucifix. You could imagine Kylie Minogue was quietly making notes were she not swayed, not for the last time, by the power of gold lame.

1995: If the flashing of orange lights around Therapy? won't do the trick, a deadpan, part-rapping Pet Shop Boys job swap - Chris does actually do the vocal on this - should confuse the part-timers. Fine work on the French horn. As ever Black Grape see studious miming as someone else's business. Blur prepare to open up a whole world of pain for themselves. But not quite yet, as Take That went to number one in their newly downsized form, hiding it by being backed by just about everyone.

2001: Big names this week - REM, Destiny's Child - as well as Cosmic Rough Riders approximating the Byrds in big trousers - but it's Atomic Kitten atop and they've bought some braziers to celebrate. What's that mean at the very start?

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