Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10th April

1975: Ladies and gentlemen, Emperor Rosko. He's really on it this week. More Eurovision fallout with the victor from two weeks previously Teach-In turning up with their enthusiastic xylophonist, so much so he plain ignores his flourish at 2:01, and bassist in a leopardskin all-in-one. What an odd thing pop was that week, making space for a returning Peter Shelley and friend getting stroked from all over and his spiritual cousin Peter Skellern. What are they all dancing at? It takes 10cc to get things moving a bit, even as the director attempts to hide them through acute camera angles. We know Pan's People routines had to be changed at the last minute quite a bit, but there are parts of the choreography for Jim Gilstrap where Flick seems to have retained the original routine regardless, the shredding of dresses and blinds having proven too much effort to be abandoned. All of which leaves Bay City Rollers atop, showing off Les' inadequate jacket.

1980: Why is Simon Bates lit and talking like Vincent Price at the start of this? It's only Buggles from when computer arcade games were still signifiers of a future and Trevor Horn took to dressing like Elvis Costello. This was the prime of 2-Tone, The Bodysnatchers adhering to all the movement's main signifiers - lots of movement, lots of sax and at least one member in shades indoors. You'd think from those two that we were moving forward into the bravest new world of pop. Sky, John Williams' classical fusion epic, would suggest otherwise. Is that Hank Marvin on drums?

1986: "Romford, hello!" Five Star had their monogrammed jackets sorted out by now, not dissimilar to what Janet Jackson would take up a couple of years later. Steve Wright may be excited about Bryan Ferry, but if he agreed it was such a big occasion he wouldn't have worn that colour jacket.

1998: This however is properly uncommon, though Jayne Middlemiss' it's-not-for-kids intro doesn't suggest so. Page & Plant seem at 3:11 to have a particularly taken fan front of stage right.

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THX said...

It's not Hank Marvin on drums with Sky, it's Perry Benson.