Friday, 13 April 2012

13th April

1978: Here's one of those awkward performances where the singer is so anonymous the show has to get Legs & Co to surround him, in this case the Travolta suited Gene Farrow. Oddly enough, it turns out being all in white isn't enough by itself. Similarly just being foreign and using funny English doesn't make Raffaella Carra the new... er... Baccara or Sylvia.

1989: And you think rap possees are too numerous for necessity these days: two of Cookie Crew, their DJ, three dancers and Edwin Starr hidden away down one corner having to stand around unused for ages at a time and not doing a lot when required. By comparison the usually quite bendy legged Fine Young Cannibals are still, bar Roland's impromptu decision to make the piano solo a two-hander.

1995: More UK Eurovision business with the infamous Love City Groove, an attempt to take good vibe rap to the international audience, beating Londonbeat, Deuce and a band featuring Samantha Fox in the heat. Unfortunately they now look more like a spoof of UK rap. Fair to file Sinead O'Connor & Shane McGowan under 'raggedly emotional', everyone in telling shades, and who's that on howling at the moon vocal ad libs towards the end? If you look behind Phill Jupitus as he then introduces Take That - distant string quartet, Jason Orange on acoustic! - Sinead adds her own voice to the screaming masses.

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