Thursday, 5 April 2012

5th April

1979: Didn't everyone want their own M name tag in those days? Robin Scott's postmodernism seems to have extended as far as his singing stance, bent forward with swaying shoulders. The bassist just wanted to stand out. Also looking awkward by design, Squeeze and their dancing girls, demonstrating times come and times go but lurid red onesies never look good. It's not really Michelle Collins on the right, by the way. Also note that in those days Jools knew his place. With those girls taking the glamour for the week Legs & Co are left content with charity shop purchases for the hugely unpromising to dance to Sultans Of Swing - and if you'll forgive my stepping off topic for a moment, their TV debut with this on Revolver is worth a look just for all the punk kids doing anticipatory pogoing before they've even appeared, Knopfler understandably amused by the sight. Speaking of unlikeliness and punk, The Members go reggae, Rico and all. Nicky Tesco still thinks he's in the Roxy. That year's Eurovision winners were Milk & Honey, notable for a) their singing the title in the same way Leonard Cohen does and b) proving that there's a place in Israel that will forever be betrothed to the New Seekers.

1990: This sounds like a self-defeating statement but Bez didn't do a lot, did he? With the Happy Mondays on Pops it's always, always the running on the spot sometimes bent over a bit routine, hidden as he is down the back a bit. As for Shaun, clearly with the brief flares revival over the way forward was cream slacks.

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