Sunday, 8 April 2012

8th April

1976: Running tings proper, the Rastaman vibrations of Paul Nicholas meeting the orchestra and Ladybirds uptown, incorporating hat, cane and Noel clearly forgetting his name in introduction. "This man" indeed. Back in sensibleness it doesn't look much like a Pops studio but it is, and one when the director was still in the throes of fish-eye frenzy. The penultimate of Abba's eight studio appearances, for which Bjorn has dug out his best purple velour suit. Meanwhile Flick was in her literal element, The Beatles' Paperback Writer lending itself to Pan's People in their death throes pretending to read paperbacks. Cherry particularly appears to be immersed in her first tome, while simultaneously gyrating too.

1982: Rarely missed a Maundy Thursday opportunity, that show. Bates and his bunny girl throw "over there!" to Haircut 100, whose bassist had come direct from his cheap fast food chain job to be presented with a novelty huge acoustic bass. Hope the percussionist claimed full union rates.

1993: A performance via satellite that everyone remembers but nobody recalls was for TOTP, New Order on the Santa Monica beach overseen by Hasselhoff and surrounded by... do you think they're paid extras or just people encouraged to get up the beach a bit and act as decoration? Note girl having conversation on the telephone. How is it plugged in?

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