Saturday, 28 April 2012

28th April

1977: Representing about five different band looks in one, Contempt represented the kind of arch theatrical prog-pop that a seachange was about to see off. If that was just behind the time Rags, and well done on that thematic link to start with, were ahead of the synthpop curve, no wonder given the two girls went on to become Bucks Fizz' writing engine room. Much place swapping and, of course, spinning from The Detroit Spinners, their backing singers notable by their completely different stagecraft tack. Barry Biggs didn't need a stage, not when he had a staircase to struggle up.

1983: Here's a fairly comprehensive look at the 999th show, led by some prime Rhythm Pals featuring "the south-east Asian chart" (not included here) and Peel making his own additions to the top 10 rundown, plus in extended form Kissing The Pink. Two wacky men up front! Overexuberant percussionists and auxiliary members were very much a thing in 1983. From the same show Galaxy demonstrate the various forms of white jacket available before Phil Fearon does a somersault entirely for the hell of it, while the markedly less energetic The Creatures make an entire work out of vibes and Siouxsie's presence. No whooping during this one, understandably.

1994: Clubhouse had a dance hit with what wasn't even a cover of Light My Fire, just a song with the same title. Someone should have told them. In an emergency looking for a way to make something out of this it was down to the local travelling circus a runner went. True artists don't need men on stilts, just a ledge and a floral display, as in the case of Barbra Streisand "via satellite from Wembley Arena", thus making the idea of a performance via satellite suddenly less amazing. Imagine the hospital pass that climactic note must have delivered to Ride waiting to follow it in the studio.

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