Monday, 30 April 2012

30th April

Slightly different look from now on - instead of attempting to cram everything into a fluid paragraph of text it'll just be year, name, link, comment, onto the next one. Cleaner, clearer and most importantly less work for me. OK?

- The Human League debut the girls, prepare for the hits
- An unfortunately straightforward The Teardrop Explodes
- A pleasingly non-straightforward Tenpole Tudor with the audience catching on eventually
- The Beat finally getting all those people at the back to move in their own times
- Legs & Co's callback to the infamous "most expensive Pan's People outfit ever" for Quincy Jones

- The Jesus & Mary Chain, Jim Reid off in his own world
- Level 42's Mark King keeps forgetting he's got a bass on that requires thrumming

- Launching "Britain's favourite musical mission", Marc Almond, a string quartet and mass clapping completely off the beat
- Sisters Of Mercy, Ofra Haza and heavy laser strobing

- Chicane rope in Tom Jones to add inappropriate big-lunged vocals and dad dancing
- Jamie Cullum and his impromptu jazz percussion falling victim to a lack of miking
- Red Hot Chili Peppers outside TV Centre in the rain. Those people weren't all supposed to be there, one thinks.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa K, where's the Pan's People routine where they're wearing outfits similar to those Legs & Co. are sporting in their treatment of "Ai No Corrida"? As someone in the U.S., I'm a bit amazed at what standards&practices let TOTP get away with. Thanks!