Monday, 2 April 2012

2nd April

1981: Be careful what you wish for. Liquid Gold returned with a candidate for the UK's Song For Europe, and so confident were the BBC with its chances that they invited the band onto Pops more than a week before the vote. Unfortunately the velcro skirts comfortably beat the confetti-in-hair look, not to mention the intensely annoying drummer antics, into second. This came on one broad church of a show, finding room for the jazz funk with warning chant and *three* bongos of Light Of The World, Legs & Co on the verge of breaking out their stash of doubloons along with the Jackson Five and, well, Children Of Tansley School's My Mum Is One In A Million. A poor man's St Winifred's School Choir. Can you imagine? Same songwriter too.

1987: Imagine how frightening this visual might have been for the uninitiated. The Dubliners & The Pogues, millions of people just going for it. How comparatively slickly unsoulful Fine Young Cannibals seem, though credit Roland Gift for that sideways train thing dance move.

1992: Imagine the discussions that must have gone on when W.A.S.P. were briefed on who would be introducing them and how. Just the one explosion, BBC? You're slipping. Meanwhile Roxette are live and direct from Sweden's equivalent of Pebble Mill.

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