Wednesday, 25 April 2012

25th April

1991: Just before Blur's TOTP debut their manager suggested Damon drop an E. Not that he appears erratic at all, as you'll see. Maybe some sort of otherworldly mental experience was necessary when you find you're sharing a studio with Gloria Estefan deciding why not be everything - soul diva, AOR rock chick, gospel leader - at once. Listen to the roar the widdly guitar solo gets. It's like punk never happened. Or maybe Albarn's excursion was a natural extension of being on a show with EMF, who featured two shirtless members and some impromptu keyboard playing in a hurricane. Right, who remembers Vic Reeves' first single? You can't imagine this isn't a lifetime dream fulfilled, plus he gets to get his nature drawings out. And at number one a record breaking, kind of, Chesney Hawkes. They only scream when he gets the guitar out.

1996: Hmm, presented by Chris Eubank. I wonder if... oh god. It's that one, isn't it? The one with that song at that chart position. Oh alright, here's Never Mind The Buzzcocks introducing it. Back on the show proper he tries his best to put Manic Street Preachers in context, followed by his other go at it. Very 90s blow-wave hair James is sporting there.

1997: The David Bowie jungle phase wasn't quite as offputting as it could have been, given in his big patriotic coat he still looks whatever part he was playing here.

2003: Curiously low-glamour turnout for Goldfrapp on their debut, a couple of moose heads and a closing theremin solo - ended abruptly by a horrible cut, if you look at where Alison is on stage - not quite reflecting the anthropromorphic burlesque image of the time. To end as the day began, it can take quite a while for everyone to back down when you achieve a certain level - listen for those screams for Blur when Damon starts singing. He's not the most accomplished of acoustic guitar pluckers either.

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