Friday, 6 April 2012

6th April

1978: More British institutions debuting here with Squeeze. Glenn and Chris' T-shirts make clear their mission, Harry Kakoulli's lack of T-shirt quite something else, and did he not get time to wash his voluminous hair given how often he runs his fingers through it? Jools meanwhile is as deathly serious as he always would be. Representing the UK in Eurovision that year was Co-Co's job, Cheryl Baker among those for whom 'Brotherhood Of Man with a load of annoying gimmicks' proved to be largely unsuccessful. They beat Labi Siffre to get there too. I don't think that's an actual working megaphone.

1989: Holly Johnson demonstrates the showbiz version of his Two Tribes suit, but for a solo artist who already has a perfectly decent backing singer the guitarist fancies her lot. Speaking of which, Wendy James. Transvision Vamp are playing it up as it is, but with her halterneck, beret and massive crucifix she's already making a play for Vogue.

1995: As so many people did around 1995, Terence Trent d'Arby had a crop and dyed it blonde. He also thought an aquamarine shiny shirt and some power chords would help things, so clearly he wasn't hoping for much. Take That were number one, where in a moment of impudence they made Gary stand up to sing like in prep school.

2001: When the vexed question of BBC expenditure next comes up, remember once LE was so flush they could build this set just for Destiny's Child, replete with strange trees, alcoves and threatening fires. Were Twilight's set designers tuned in?

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