Sunday, 1 April 2012

1st April

1971: The turn of the 70s, a time of great sea changes in the constitution of popular music... and then there's Georgie Fame & Alan Price and their duelling keyboards. The fashionable girls behind them are right off the King's Road, the clothes of the performers from the Littlewoods Catalogue.

1976: Which of course is where we joined this whole BBC4 shebang. Watch here, here and here, and read along here when the house style was in its infancy (though I'll stand by "Ben Goldacre, kind of an Alan Maryon-Davis for the Tens") Despite the claims of Fox and some people you've never heard of in any other context the highlight is of course the staggering Jungle Rock Pan's People routine with the animal costumes from the back of the spare cupboard.

1982: Were it not for the pan across from the neon logo and the audience's evident joy at a good smoke bomb this could just as well have been an actual Motorhead gig, what with all the dry ice and the uncompromising stance, even a foot on the monitor at one point. It seems quite the jarring juxtaposition to go to Roxy Music under yards of floaty material, but at the show's peak that's what it was all about. Nice leather jacket and bow tie combination, Bryan. The start of April is usually when we find out the UK's Song For Europe, and defending the ground made by Bucks Fizz it was Bardo, not quite sure whether to go the boy-meets-girl whole hog in their modernist choreography. And that ending! Even in the Rihanna age you don't get a lot of female singers in miniskirts ending their routines by lifting a leg in the air.

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