Friday, 27 April 2012

27th April

1972: A lot of occasions where single clips survive from otherwise wiped early shows are due to pre-records and, as in this case, special inserts. This applies quite a bit to early 70s Pan's People, unless that's just engineers making tapes for their own later amusement. One such case is this remarkable routine wherein the heart of ruined darkness and the burnt out death of the libertarian dream that is Sly & The Family Stone's There's A Riot Goin' On is reflected in the overaccesorised girls prancing round a department store. See if you can spot the horrible continuity error around 1:24.

1978: Well, there's plenty of oddity here, and not just how wrong having Patti Smith danced to by Legs & Co seems for all sorts of reasons.. For starters, two years on Twiggy is still plugging away at a serious musical career, moving with the times from country to disco with Spanish guitar solo, but just to make sure she doesn't forget where she comes from the BBC have thoughtfully provided a catwalk. If they wanted to do disco properly they should have looked towards Boney M. That is, were it not for the tremendously offputting addition to the song's intro. Had the orchestra's xylophone player threatened to lead a walkout? Leading the fight for rock was 1950s rockabilly, which suggests where disco thrived. Steve Gibbons Band, some in flasher macs, are the representatives. Following them from somewhere else entirely, and about as awkward a presence in such company as can be imagined, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers. Note the audience's pregnant pause at the end.

1995: The only time Chris Evans hosted the show, which is somewhat surprising. For his troubles he got to introduce Oasis.

2001: Says here Missy Elliott did Get Ur Freak On in the studio but I can't find that online. Instead, Ronan Keating with delusions of Vegas set stardom. That shot at 1:00 is quite worrying.

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