Saturday, 14 April 2012

14th April

1977: Like the fifth Beatle, but not, the seventh Legs & Co member was as important to the make-up as the originals. Possibly. Floyd, formerly of Ruby Flipper, made a handful of extra man appearances in the couple of years after L&C's introduction but none more vital than on Andrew Gold's Lonely Boy, where he gets to essentially mock-beat up Patti.

1983: Nine days before coasting into sixth place at Eurovision Sweet Dreams attempted what seems to be the Dollar Plus One demographic with the crucial stylistic aid of gym wear - tracksuit tops, jogging bottoms, sweat bands - and some stools to work a routine around. What was it all supposed to mean, this jumble of unconnected ideas? If you're wondering, Carrie Grant's the dark haired one. The dark haired one in Bauhaus... oh. Peter Murphy's put on a nice suit jacket and stopped messing about so much and look, they've bought themselves a new melodica.

1988: Bananarama are very much into their SAW phase, but being their ragged selves they've not decided on a coherent look - the leather jacket and second hand jeans, the polka dotted dress or the vamp with handy dishcloth? Jellybean also has a choice of singers but only one of them is credited on the single and both appear to be singing everything regardless. Obviously it's the one standing in front of more of the pretend instrument players, but the director's not entirely sure at times.

1994: You don't get commmeorative disc handovers on telly any more, maybe because you barely get pop stars on telly any more. Toni Braxton has got her silver disc and she doesn't seem all that impressed but best put a brave face on it. After that she gets to sing in an area of an LA studio that's clearly too big for single person in tight shot purpose. Meatloaf hosts as Meat Loaf would, forgetting that we really know where Take That are from. Robbie does his hair, then we get to see the others launch into their exact dancing cue. Even Gary has to do the heavy hoofing lifting on this one in his usual galumphing style. And then Meat Loaf sings at length, because that's what he does.

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