Tuesday, 17 April 2012

17th April

1974: Not a Pops, but the fruits of one - Pan's People In Concert.

1980: The first fruits of a shortlived Philip Lynott solo career that reached its apex by the time we were living in a situation Where that self same situation depended on the yellow pearl saw him performing chugging sub-new wave with a Lizzy dual guitar solo seemingly in a verandah. Meanwhile, what would you mentally put on Legs & Co on learning they were dancing to Blondie's Call Me? If you said "gangster suits and hats for some reason", well done! Also, are you cheating?

1986: Thanks to label blocking wee've got the first nine and a half minutes and last nine and a half minutes of this one, and all you're missing in the middle is a Janet Jackson video and the breakers (including Just Say No, mind you). So that's Big Country and their big coats, A-Ha, George Michael with a heavily fringed jacket and, with a bit missing (whole thing here), It's Immaterial, their big old fashioned BBC mike and, really, a decidedly odd song.

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