Friday, 11 May 2012

11th May

1978: The caption makes my Ian Dury & The Blockheads intro observation for me, but just along the running order is a more egregious debutant, Sham 69. Tom Robinson Band make up a still eclectic trio of punks, while the AOR radio quotient is restored by Goldie.

1989: Yazz, so big she affords her own overlaid close-up and has people go to Interflora for her. It's a wildly different scene from Stevie Nicks, and quite a bit more was spent on Stevie's dress. The hat, surely, wasn't necessary.

1995: Scatman John. There are no others. But he's miming the scat and not the proper vocals!

2001: Joining that highly select group of musical greats to have performed twice on the same show, Geri Halliwell in her boxer's shorts (not boxer shorts, handles for forks shorts like a boxer would wear) and also in some sort of tubular thing. Why do the audience scream as it's lowered? Do they think she lives like a hermit up there permanently?

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