Saturday, 5 May 2012

5th May

1977: Delegation present The Green Lantern - The Harmonic Soul Years. Legs & Co present The Eagles - The Spanish Crossdressing Years. And Joy Sarney? She's off somewhere of her own accord.

1983: The thousandth show, still archived in RealVideo by the long defunct TOTP2 minisite. Features plenty of old favourites, including Richard Skinner and David Jacobs introducing Radio 1's simulcast, some Rhythm Pal-age (at the start of the video clip that mentions Jonathan King) and DLT with a film of Noel when he looked slightly different. On stage are the Thompson Twins in a variety of hats of various fits, The Human League's Ian Burden in his 2000AD T-shirt, The Beat's Dave Wakeling spending half the song sitting down for no good reason and Spandau Ballet atop, followed by some Savile prescience. Oh, and for that week's Radio Times John Peel penned this.

1988: Magnum, the favoured band of the Amish.

1994: Opposite extremes, Killing Joke with lots of strobes, shouting and drop-D noise, Evan Dando on his own.

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