Wednesday, 16 May 2012

16th May

1985: Jimmy Nail emotes, Kim Wilde rockabillies out in unconvincing leathers.

1991: Not to suggest times were moving quickly, but New Kids On The Block's attempt to include full-on rap into their moveset seems a touch overreaching. As you'll see at the end, Bruno Brookes has dressed appropriately for them. One upload brings us both Dannii Minogue and Jason Donovan, the former going for the old coat-removal trick, the latter sporting an unamped guitar. Cathy Dennis wanted some of Dannii's post-Kylie reflected glory too; Crystal Waters much less so but she still busts out some moves.

1996: Now Bez-free, Black Grape do what they can with the material. Host Ian Wright attempts to make up for the leering quotient.

1997: Like a purposeful attempt to fall between every single stool, North And South - a boy band with members playing synth and, like Busted far too early, a red-haired guitarist. No wonder the kids preferred Damage's Clapton cover.

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