Saturday, 26 May 2012

26th May

1977: The show was still being introduced to the exciting new sound of the year, The Stranglers' debut seeing quite some japes going, not just in Cornwell and Burnel swapping instruments but... well, watch J-J's miming carefully right at the start. Frankie Miller's Full House may have seen the odd Faces performance. There's a salutory reminder of the mind of DLT before Brendon take on an Abba song with plenty of clapping. Bryan Ferry's Tokyo Joe is tackled by Legs & Co with, um, Chinese symbolism. All the same, isn't it? Someone should certainly have seen to the big tear in one of those lampshades.

1983: The Police. In his first close-up Andy Summers looks on the verge of mass murder. Here's the chart rundown.

1988: Whole of this one's online, here and here, except for (as far as studio performances go) Scritti Politti. Debbie Gibson, Ofra Haza with her bank of televisions like a Dixons window, Hothouse Flowers, Mica Paris and Wet Wet Wet are all however present and correct.

1994: Bruce Dickinson's backdrop must have been tough to transport. Interestingly, he appeared in the studio as himself before he had with Iron Maiden - Paul Di'Anno and Blaze Bayley were the singers on the band's three visits to this point, Bruce only doing so once he rejoined.

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