Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22nd May

1980: For his second appearance with the same song they built Jona Lewie his own set. Dancing in a new way indeed. No such niceties from UK Subs and even fewer from Cockney Rejects. Listen for the cheer when Mike Read mentions West Ham's FA Cup win. Junior Murvin took back a punk-covered song for reggae with some trepidation. Watch him try a move at 1:46 and struggle to get back up quickly enough. Before he brought Matthew along Karel Fialka was a quite scary, strident New Wave frontman with great keyboard players. How Flick Colby must have scratched her head when Theme From M*A*S*H* was allocated to Legs & Co. In the end, the word went out to just do whatever.

1986: Spitting Image's then number one The Chicken Song was actually in the studio, it says here, but no online record of that. Instead Simply Red, Mick Hucknall grasping his mike tightly with never a thought of how it looks.

1998: While Bus Stop coerced Carl Douglas into reworking his hit and looking about as far out of place while still enjoying it as he can, Lutricia McNeal got the director to use the blue filter.

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