Wednesday, 23 May 2012

23rd May

1968: From a show co-hosted by Mickey Dolenz, Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity exude nonchalant Sixties cool.

1974: Here's a weird one in every sense. A scene shifters' strike meant sets couldn't be taken down - Blue Peter supposedly had to use a bit of a Doctor Who set - and bands weren't allowed to have drumkits or keyboards set up. What this meant, as seen on this small fragment of Cockney Rebel which is all that remains of the show, is some very odd looking performances.

1985: A overly well dressed Steve Wright introduces Go West with Peter Cox in the midst of violent spasms, Marillion and Gary Moore & Phil Lynott, Wright literally giving it the thumbs up before the pair in their red military jackets hold sway.

1991: T'Pau in what appears to be an attempt to sex up Carol Decker, Simple Minds' Jim Kerr having delusions of Bono and Beverley Craven exuding simplicity itself - piano, live vocal, no dry ice for once.

1997: One of Mark and Lard's two hosting gigs, notable for Placebo's Brian Molko picking out a little black number.

2003: Run for your lives, it's an immediately pre-Eurovision Jemini!

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Si said...

Carol Decker is sex personified!